Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shelu - Victory

Shelu’s father did not know whether to be happy or to be concerned. His son had won the students election by a wide margin of about ten thousand votes. When one speaks of a margin of that magnitude it represents close to ten percent of the entire voter base. Rupin Patel, was a defeated man, event though the handshakes and embrace on national television were an attempt to salvage some pride.

Shelu was to meet Shantilal Gupta. This would be their first formal meeting. And Shelu was tearing the house down. Shelu’s mother, the petite Shyamala Mahendran, had never seen her son so concerned about his appearance. Shelu was one who expressed disinterest bordering on distaste on personal grooming. He used to run his fingers through his hair and wear the first tshirt and jeans he could lay his hands on to leave for another day. His charm and aesthetically handsome features made his uncanny style even more alluring.

But Shelu seemed to be tearing clothes out of his cupboard as a maniac. He could not wear the robes of the bourgeoisie when he was about to meet a man as distinguished and illustrious as Shantilal Gupta. Shelu’s father scarcely understood the nature his son displayed. He was to meet a person who was more feared than respected for his emotional ouotbursts and his violent disposition. Shelu had not displayed the same enthusiasm even when he had met the Chief Minister of Gujurat during a felicitation ceremony at Shelu’s engineering college .

He finally pulled out a pair of formals, he hadn’t worn for the past six months. It was a gift from one of his cousins that still had the price tag attached. He hurriedly put it on, selected the best pair of trousers he could find and he left home, leaving his parents bewildered at a 180 degree behavioral twist in their son.


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