Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shikandi - Shantilal Gupta

Shantilal Gupta, was the local MLA. But he was tipped to be minister of state, someday. He was a charming man, and was proficient in the use of language and etiquette. A violent past, he was known to possess, which he blamed to the ravages of youth. But there were police cases that had sunk into oblivion because of the connections and the deep pockets that Gupta professed and possessed.

Gupta did not move into politics without reason. A change of name and stature was necessary. The Gupta empire of textile mills was falling into disrepute because of a worldly life and negative publicity. A change was desired. How best, to shed the curtains of bad repute but by drawing an illustrious political career.

Strong arm tactics came easy and Gupta had soon won the favours of the Gujurat Samhelan who looked upon Gupta as the one to strengthen their base across the three villages of Loki, Behsar and Nubitalao. Gupta, fit in well, with the political ideologies of the Gujurat Samhelan.

Shelu had heard about Shantilal Gupta and had always wondered why was he drawn to the man. He flipped to a page where Gupta’s name was present much before he read the sports page and the editorials. He realized that the keen interest he had beginning to develop in politics had only intensified when he had watched a procession of Shantilal Gupta go past. He had even joined in the slogan shouting, even though, he was only a bystander, much to the surprise of the friends he was standing with. If he had to join politics it would be under representation of the gujurat Samhelan.

A peculiar twist of fate it was, to have the Gujurat Samhelan knocking his door and asking him for his consent.


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