Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shikandi - The Interview

“Shelu, can you join us here for a minute”.

Shelu turned back to see Prinicipal Mathias gesturing him over. He wondered, if it was because of the debate preliminaries he had given a miss, the other day. He had won all of them and he was tired of winning.

Shelu sauntered over to Mathias and a short stubby man with a bushy moustache. The man stared at him through beady eyes on a large face with high cheekbones.

“This”, said Mathias turning to the stubby man, “is Shailendran”.

The large face broke into a broad smile causing his eyes to crinkle into two thin slits. He grabbed Shelu’s hand in a firm handshake.

“I have heard so much about you, I am Hosseni”. “I am associated with the Gujurat Samhelan, and I am here to present you with the opportunity of a lifetime”.

Shelu had heard the ‘opportunity of a life time’ bit before. But he patiently listened to Hosseni as he spoke. Hosseni elucidated the strengths of his political party and their beliefs and their vision. It was in the midst of his monologue that Shelu understood the reason for the contrived meeting.

…”And”, said Shelu cutting him short, “you would present me with the honour of representing the Gujurat Samhelan in the Students Elections. I would be proud to represent your esteemed party”.

“Do you know much about Politics”.

“Oh, I do know, that there are 25 candidates. 18 of them are independents and shall simply create ripples. Rupin Patel and Bhavesh Shah of the Congress and the BJP shall be the movers and shakers. Bhavesh, shall hold the charms of the common man and he shall represent hindutva and pledge the common man vote. But Rupin shall vociferously quell any doubts of his allegiance to one of the richest businessmen in Gujurat. He shall wear the cloak of the common folk and debate with top leaders of the inefficacy of present codes and policy and shall uphold the needs of the students and spread the message of his party”.

Shelu paused, allowing Hosseni to ask his questions. Hosseni, enraptured by the conversation could only stutter as he was passed the baton of dialogue prematurely.

“Really good….you do know a lot”.

“Oh. I have always been a keen follower of student politics”, lied Shelu. The truth was; he had based his dialogue on the snippets of information that he read in the newspapers on burgeoning student politics. “If Shantilal Gupta and you do find me worthy enough, I would endeavour and urge the canvassing to begin right away.”


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