Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shikandi - The Gujurat Samhelan

Hosseni was a party member of the Gujurat Samhelan. The agenda for the moment was to pursue a candidate for the Student Council elections. Candidates were several, but the favourite for the elections was Rupin patel, a student of St. Xaviers College. He was associated with several social causes for the upliftement of the community and was vociferous in his beliefs, which allowed him to achieve prime candidature for the party who’s views he shared. Hosseni knew that he needed more than a figurehead to defeat Rupin. He needed a personality to match Rupin’s diabolic charisma and passion.

The first thing Hosseni did when he arrived at the Gujurat Engineering college was to meet a dear friend Mr. Mathias who was the principal of the college. Being college friends, Hoseeni after exchanging pleasantries and back slaps proceeded to inform Mathias of the reason for his visit.

“I need an exceptional personality. One, interested in politics and the ambition to succeed in this haven of diplomacy”, said Hosseni. “He should also be one with a keen command over the language and above average aesthetic beauty.”
“It makes a difference at this level, he added apologetically”.

While Hosseni spoke Mathias surveyed Hosseni with a thoughtful eye. He scarcely remembered hosseni in any other field other than Politics. “Im sure you will scarcely be surprised if I had to state my inability to help you with this task. But I might have a lad who seems to possess the qualities that you search for. But I am unsure of his political preferences and his aptitude for the same. Of knowledge of politics or otherwise he shall stand unrivalled. But the boy he is, you shall need to build his interest before you invite him to run for candidature”.

“Hey, we are getting ahead of ourselves”, said Hosseni raising his hands in mock protest. “I need to see him, talk to him and analyse the fit to our party”.

“Well, Im sure the negations, if any, shall scarcely be from your side”.

“You seem to hold the boy in high regard. Whats his name?”

“Shailendra Mahendran”.


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