Sunday, December 10, 2006

Letters - 31st May, 2003

The Dean
The Indian Institute of Planning and Management

Re: Sarfaraz Moizuddin. Ref: PGP 03-05/SS/AVESD124445

Dear Sir,

I appreciate your gratuitous help, assistance and concern for my brothers health and well being.

It was difficult to understand my brother’s troubled state as he had become incoherent by the time my father reached Mumbai.

It was during this time that my father visited your college in pursuit of the guidance of a certain Professor Mathias. On being told there never was a professor by that name who taught at the college my father was troubled and distressed. It was kind of you to speak to my harrowed father and suggest and provide help in understanding Sarfaraz’s clinical condition.

Medication for Sarfaraz’s condition is debilitating in more ways than one and I can hardly recognize my brother at times. But it’s a lot better than seeing my brother wide eyed and fearful as he was on the day he arrived at Ahmedabad.

Asif still exists…in my brother’s world. We do not have the courage to tell him otherwise.

Fond Regards,

Gunveen Moizuddin


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