Sunday, December 10, 2006

Letters - 27th April, 2003

Dearest Gunnu,

I had quite an uneventful week. I am planning to watch a few movies this week with Dhaval and Rajendran. Asif is not a movie buff and he doesn’t have a contact number in Mumbai. I know that sounds hard to believe, but it is true. So it gets pretty difficult, actually impossible, contacting him on the weekends. We are planning to watch some Salman Khan flick. By the way, he stays at Bandra…I am sure that will be more reason than ever for you to come visiting during your vacations.

That reminds me…Please thank Abba for the Yamaha. The delivery was safe. Not a scratch on it. As soon as I set eyes on it, I checked every inch of my proudest possession for scratches. You know how I treat my ‘first love’, don’t you.

But it’s easy to get around when I got it. Asif and I went for a ride yesterday. We should have taken Dhaval along, as he knows Mumbai so well. But it’s nice discovering Mumbai by oneself. Not a bad city…especially since I love the ocean so much and there is so much of it here. Especially at Bandra, we have a place called Carter Road which is a promenade (where people can sit and chat) by the sea. It really is nice. I can spend hours just watching the waves and sun descend from the skies.

We got a new professor. Oh, he is a whiz of sorts. His name is Professor Mathias (Mathias, professor of Maths…funny eh?). He is a short rotund man with unkempt hair, Einstein like, and sparkling dark eyes.

You know how much I love Maths but you should see Asif at it…he is almost as good as me. And I am not the modest type, so he is really good for me to say this.

The classes are almost like private tuitions. We have to opt for applied mathematics which Asif and I did. So the class consists of only the two of us…and every class is so much fun. With Professor Mathias, it almost feels like he performs magic whenever he teaches Mathematics. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled a rabbit out of a hat, to demonstrate a mathematical concept or to elucidate a point.

Ok dear, enough of Academics for now. That’s all I think of sometimes…even on my weekends. Ill send this out for now. Give Abba and Ammi my love.



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