Sunday, December 10, 2006

Letters - 13th April, 2003

Dearest Gunnu,

I have already begun to miss you so much. Its not that I am not enjoying my stay here but home is where the heart is, as they say. How are all you doing? I especially loved opening my email and finding your letter, Gunnu.

The girls here in Mumbai are very unlike my dear Ahmedabad. But I may learn to like them. ;) They do look at us as out-of-towner’s though. When I speak about us I am talking about the new friends I’ve made. Three of them in number…Asif, Rajendran and Dhaval. Asif is from Surat. He started talking to me in gujurati as soon as he met me. I don’t know how he knew I was from Gujarat but I consider him to be of exceptional insight. At times, I feel he can almost read my mind. Splendid Personality. Rajendran is from Chennai and Dhaval is from Mumbai. He is a gujurati too.

The professors are pretty good. We have quite a few subjects to begin with for the first semester. They gave us a long list of books to buy. Buying them is going to cost me a little fortune. But they seem so interesting that I’m raring to get at them. I have just begun to get to know the professors. We have professors from all over the industry. Most of the professors are part of the visiting faculty. Most of them are freelancing as professors.

I don’t know if I have told you this before but my room faces a graveyard. I know you must be sitting up straight in your seat when I tell you this. Lol. The graveyard belongs to St. Anthony’s church which is one of the larger parishes of Bandra. But one does feel pretty strange staring out every night and every morning at gravestones. They look pretty dark and foreboding under the moonlight. To think that there are bodies buried under all that soil. But for that matter, we might never know how many bodies might be buried under our house in Ahmedabad, centuries and centuries ago.

Ok…that’s not a nice thought. But I have to end this letter now. To end on a sweet note…I love you tons and tons my little sister. Take care of Ammi and Abba.



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