Sunday, December 10, 2006

Letters - 18th April, 2003

Dearest Gunnu

I saw a serpent today. I saw it in my room. It entered from the window. I had spoken to Abba about an hour ago. So he must have told you already. But Ill tell you what happened.

It was about 2 in the morning. I was asleep and so were my room mates. I woke up all of a sudden. I do not know if it was a sound that woke me up but I felt a presence in the room. My bed faces the window (which overlooks the graveyard) and its then that I saw it. I could only see the eyes…yellow…a dark yellow aith black slits down the centre. The serpent was huge. His head was poised as if it was ready to strike. It seemed to look right at me. It was coiled around the bars of the window and made a hissing sound as I watched it barely able to breathe.

And then…it moved uncoiled itself from the window bars and disappeared. It must have taken me a minute before I found my voice. I rushed to the window while calling out to anyone who would listen. But it was gone.

I tried explaining what happened to my roomies. It was not easy convincing them about the serpent but I could make out that they were pretty afraid of the likelihood of having any around. Pure Evil they are…Serpents.

But wow…what an adventure. I spoke to the hostel authorities about it, but then realized it’s a bad idea. They laughed it off. They told me I might be imagining things. Well, we will all know soon enough. I’m having my windows bolted…that’s what Abba told me.

Chalo dear…Ill send this out for now. Take care of yourself. And do not worry about me…ill be fine.



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